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YOCOMA Digital Signage Solutions offers a wide range of innovative cutting-edge immersive and interactive digital media solutions: 3D autostereoscopic displays (glasses-free 3D) that do not require glasses or other viewing aids. We provide impressive Video Wall solutions and transparent displays to attract customers to your exhibition, nightclub, storefront or tradeshow booth. We serve various venues including retail marketing, theme parks concerts, exhibitions, festivals, product launches, restaurants, theatres, fashion shows, nightclubs, casinos, trade fairs, among others. For more information on available technology and content creation contact our team who will be more than happy to assist. Read more...

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Audio logos and radio/tv spots are provided for companies, as a part of branding, products promotions, and creating an impressive company image in the most effective manner.




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Misterioso Y by Ines Reingold-Tali


Art by Ines Reingold-Tali is exhibited at the invitational international art exhibition in Montreal: Galerie Gora, 279 Sherbrooke Ouest, #205, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Exposition artistique: 14 avril au 2 mai 2009. Vernissage: jeudi 16 avril 2009.


LUMIÉRE FESTIVAL, III Rassegna Internazionale di Video Arte&Digital Cultures, Invitational Exhibition 20/12/2008 - 24/12/2008. Artists: Ines Reingold-Tali, Thorsten Fleisch, Hermann Nitsch, Kimiko Yoshida, and others. Curator: Dores Sacquegna, Primo Piano LivinGallery, Arte Contemporanea, Lecce, Italy.

Art Curator Dores Sacquegna (Italy):
"Con i video sperimentali “Suction” e “Oceano”, Ines Reingold-Tali elabora attraverso il suono e immagini elettroniche lo spazio in maniera immersiva, paesaggi surreali che guardano al Caos della complessità, e alle sue dinamiche. L’artista, compositrice e performer è Laureata dall’Accademia di Musica e Teatro della Estonia. Le sue opere sono esposte in tutto il mondo. Ha partecipato in importanti e internazionali conferenze sulla musicologia e l’arte tra cui: Biennale Internazionale dell`Arte Contemporanea di Firenze 2007, LACDA International Juried Competition Winners Show (Premio); al Los Angeles Center For Digital Art in U.S.A. 2007, 30e Festival International des Musiques Synthèse 2000 ed altre. "

Primo Piano LivinGallery (Italy)

The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art is happy to present the opening reception and exhibition for the winners of "Top 40" Juried International Competition for Digital Art and Photography. Among lots of participants were many outstanding artists from around the globe. Ines Reingold-Tali, one of the winners, is going to present her art in this winners show. Winners show: March 8-31, 2007.

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art, 107 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles,
CA 90013, U.S.A.


Press Release Apr. 4, 2007

Artist Ines Reingold-Tali has been chosen and invited by the International Scientific Committee to show her art at the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea di Firenze 2007 (Florence Biennale) in Italy. This prestigious art event, held every two years, has showcased the art of many contemporary art luminaries and is a major exhibition of World Class Artists. The Scientific Committee of the Florence Biennale has selected artists in the following categories: painting, sculpture, graphics, mixed media, installation, photography and digital art. The selection is done based on the criteria that privileges the quality and the cultural values they represent. www.florencebiennale.org